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The Future Begins at Opti

10 years of opti – 10 years of innovation. On January 11th 2008, the new era of opti began with GHM Gesellschaft für Handwerksmessen mbH as the organiser of the trade show. For the 10th anniversary of the event in 2017, it is time to look at the products which made their debut and had […]

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Concept-s: 25 Years With You!

Office space is limited and must be used optimally. Concept-s’ decorative table presenters open up additional possibilities for the presentation in the smallest space, for instance on the table. Discover the great variety of table presenters: with a capacity of 6-28 glasses, open and closed models, different materials and design, as well as presenters for […]

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How Glasses Correct Vision?

Just imagine what life was like for millions of people before glasses were invented. If you were short-sighted at that time, you were not able to see the clouds, distant mountains or birds flying through the air. Today, short-sighted people can see just like people with normal vision, thanks to glasses which improve their vision….

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