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Concept-s: 25 Years With You!

Office space is limited and must be used optimally. Concept-s’ decorative table presenters open up additional possibilities for the presentation in the smallest space, for instance on the table. Discover the great variety of table presenters: with a capacity of 6-28 glasses, open and closed models, different materials and design, as well as presenters for […]

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How Glasses Correct Vision?

Just imagine what life was like for millions of people before glasses were invented. If you were short-sighted at that time, you were not able to see the clouds, distant mountains or birds flying through the air. Today, short-sighted people can see just like people with normal vision, thanks to glasses which improve their vision….

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Your Way to a Successful Trade Show

On Tuesday, 28 June 2016, GHM Gesellschaft für Handwerksmessen would like to invite all exhibitors to a training day in Munich. This one day “Trade show preparation” workshop is intended to give participants tips and ideas as to how they can make their presence at opti a success…

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