3 Mistakes We All Make With Sunglasses

Sunglasses are an indispensable fashion accessory in the summer time.  Avoid these 3 mistakes that we all make with sunglasses and they will last longer and look brand new…1. You put sunglasses on your head

There are three reasons that sunglasses should never be worn on the head:

  • If part of the glasses which sits on the nose is made of wire, hair can become entangled in it and you may rip it off accidentally, or it can be bent or broken.
  • Glasses can become too spread and be too loose when you put them on your eyes
  • When the head ducks down, glasses may fall and damage


2. You don’t adjust them to your face

Every face is a little asymmetric, whether it is visible or not. For most people, there is also a small difference in height of the ears – one ear may be a little lower than the other ear.
Therefore, unless you are buying sunglasses that no one else except you touched before, chances are they will be a little lopsided on your face. Many optical shops offer free service to adapt glasses to your face so make sure you use this.

3. You don’t protect sunglasses in your bag

Don’t ever put sunglasses in the bag without protecting them by putting them in the holster or case. It is important to do this because glasses are mostly damaged when in bag.
The ones to blame are keys and other sharper objects which can scratch the glasses. The minimum you can do is to wrap them in the microfibre cloth for cleaning (which is also supplied with the glasses) before putting them in the bag.
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