3D Glasses Becoming Chic: Instead of Just in the Living Room, Now Worn in the City

Designers have finally recognized the importance of 3D glasses…
American manufacturer of eyeglasses Marchon unveiled new designer sunglasses to watch 3D movies in cinemas, which will also be worn around town.
“We are confident that whatever you place on your face must be very fashionable, ” said a senior official Cristin Lyons  for Marchon  introducing new models of glasses for viewing in 3D technology in the electronics trade fair for the general public (CES) in Las Vegas.
“Let’s be honest, frames that are currently used for 3D glasses are not very stylish,” she added.
Marchon Eyewear is compatible with RealD technology that is used in about 85 percent of 3Dcinemas.
They have a gray colored glass that completely block ultraviolet rays. Different frames for women, men and children will be offered for sale from February from $ 30 to $ 150. Some models are designed by Calvin Klein, Coach, Disney, Karl Lagerfeld, and Lacoste.
“Everyone can wear these frames, “said Lyons, “you can walk outside and no one will be surprised.”
Taken from: www.cro.time.mk