9 Tragedies Of Wearing Glasses

Simple little frames on your face can cause so much trouble…

For a long time now, people have decided to wear glasses even if they have no need to have them. Accessory stores even sell non-prescription glasses for that “nerd chic” style. Coming from someone whose life literally depends on glasses, I will try to explain to this hipster culture why wearing glasses can be one of the most incredibly annoying things.

1. You can’t see anything when you wake up

When I open my eyes in the morning, I can’t even see my clock until I put my glasses on. The whole refreshed feeling in the morning is nonexistent if you can’t see anything…

2. It’s impossible to put makeup on

See my previous comment about not being able to see anything. When I put eyeliner on, I practically have to be on top of the mirror. In addition to this…

3. Mascara/long eyelashes become a nightmare

It is an absolute nightmare.

4. Rain is enemy #1


5. Followed by foggy days as a close second

A foggy day will actually force me to put my contacts in.

6. And the dishwasher as enemy #3

Dishwasher fog is worse than stubbing your toe.

7. Zero peripheral vision

Emma looks so cute with her glasses on! True fact: she has no peripheral vision whatsoever. Look up, it’s blurry. Look to the right, fuzzy. The left? Can’t tell if those are trees or really tall bunny rabbits.

8. Crying

Say goodbye to clean glasses. Not mention the fact that they totally get in the way of whatever sob fest is going on.

9. Everyone wants to try them on

“Can I wear your glasses?” “Wow! You’re so blind!” Really? I hadn’t noticed…


Sometimes, contacts are actually just the way to go.


Taken from: http://theodysseyonline.com, Author: Annamaria Alcaro