A Man Tattooed Glasses on His Face

Video in which Matthew tattooes frames of the glasses on his face became a hit on YouTube, but there is a doubt that it is actually a commercial trick for Ray Ban glasses…

The video shows a man known only as Matthew tattooing frames of Ray Ban glasses on his face with black color, while his girlfriend encourages him. Upon completion of the surgery, Matthew gets up from the table, puts real Ray Ban sunglasses, but some of those present recalls him that he no longer needs those.

See the video here                                                                                                                                                                                    

Reactions of half a million people, that watched the video, are different, and many argue that it is only an advertising trick of the Ray Ban company.
One of the most famous spectacles company in the world launched the production of ‘Never Hide Films’ which has until now produced 20 different advertising videos. For this calles ‘Guy tattooed glasses on his face” many suspect that it is just another in a series.

Among the most famous videos so far is one in which a man in various poses, in different places and different distances catches Ray Ban sunglasses with his face, which a friend of his throws at him. In a year , as long it is on special Ray Ban channel on YouTube, four million people had viewed it.

Taken from: www.tportal.hr