A Man Who Can Pull a Car with Eye Sockets!

Anyone can gain muscles and strength in arms, legs, back and abdomen with a little effort and workout in the. But one Chinese man has demonstrated strength of his eye sockets…

On April 28th Yang Guanghe showed all the power he possessed in his eye sockets, when he dragged a 1.6 ton Mercedes in front of a crowd of people. For comparison, Guanghe only weights about 110 pounds!

Guanghe performed his act of dragging a car with eye sockets in his native city of Anshun in China, and for this venture he practiced ten full years. “Everyone can use their strong body parts to show strength; my specialty is in turning weaker body parts into something worthy of admiration,” said Guanghe, reports the Daily Star.

“I think the car pulling is visually impressive and it takes years of exercise to strengthen the eyelids to be able to sustain such an effort,” he explained.

But this is not the only venture in the wonderful repertoire of this Chinese; one of the most memorable acts looks something like this: four lamps on the table, the board with two blades facing up to the light bulbs, Guanghe bare feet standing on knives, hooks hanging from his eye sockets carry two buckets of water, and as a final touch – all this while playing the pipe.

Take a look at the video

Taken from: www.dnevnik.hr