Blind Canadian Will Compete at the Winter Olympics

Although his vision is limited to only ten percent of peripheral vision, Brian McKeever managed to achieve his dream and qualify for the Olympics….

Blind since teen age, Canadian Brian McKeever will finally fulfill his dream and go into the record books when he will represent his country at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

Brian McKeever
Popular racer runner from Camorra will become the first athlete to compete at the winter Olympic Games and Paralympics Games and hopes to inspire many people, regardless of whether they have  a handicap or not.
McKeever is already an inspiration for his representative colleagues who consider him a competent skier blessed with exceptional talent.
– Brian is a great athlete and a great person. He really works hard enough and never speaks about his handicap – said the Olympic silver medal at the Olympics 2006th, Sara Renner
His fellow representative Devon Kershaw knows McKeever very well because he trained with him many times.
– You almost forget that he sees only 10 percent – said Kershaw.

He already has seven medals from the Paralympic Games
McKeever, who suffers from Stargardt illness and his vision is limited to only 10 percent of peripheral vision, managed to get a place in the Canadian national team for Vancouver after winning the race of 50 kilometers in Canmore in January, and in Canadian province of British Columbia will return in March, when the Paralympic Games are scheduled. He has already won seven medals at the previous Paralympic Games together with his older brother Robin who serves as a guide.

At the Olympics in Vancouver however, he will have to compete alone.
– I will miss Robin, sure, but I have a great team around me and they will be able to play his role. Many of my races have a mass start and I will be able to follow others. So I have a lot of guides, but I will have to be aware that they do not compete with me but against me – said McKeever.
McKeever will compete in races on  30 and 50 km.

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