Can False Eyelashes Damage Sight?

Artificial eyelashes generally do not cause any problems, but it should not be forgotten that allergies and infections to eyelids are still possible…It is essential that the installation of the lashes is done in extremely clean conditions. Our skin is not sterile; it is home to all sorts of bacteria, such as saprophytes (which do not cause disease), but if the pH of the skin is changed or if an injury occurs, these bacteria can become pathogenic and cause inflammation.

Any injury can lead to inflammation of the eyelids

As well as skin, false eyelashes are also not sterline, but at least tweezers should be disinfected well. Each injury to the surface of the skin around the eyes allows the penetration of bacteria from the surface of the instrument, but also from the surrounding skin and in the case of a number of bacteria, it is possible to develop an inflammation of the eyelid, the so called blepharitis.


Inflammation can affect one follicle of the eyelashes, or the surrounding sebaceous glands at the edge of the eyelid, and can even extend to more of them. Such infections can cause falling out of the lashes in the affected area and ulcerated nodules that must be open and removed.
With eyelid infections, the antibiotic therapy is administered in the form of drops and ointments (locally), and in the case of an intensive infection antibiotics should also be used orally.
Another option are allergies to the adhesive used to connect eyelashes, even when the excess adhesive is removed smaller deposits can cause an allergic reaction on the eyelid or the conjunctiva – this usually requires local corticosteroid therapy.

Wearing eyelashes cannot worsen visual acuity

Some eyelashes are very long and “heavy”, so they can partially obscure the field of vision, but cannot directly affect the deterioration of visual acuity.


Symptoms of infection

The most important thing is that if there is inflammation, which will be expressed with pain, swelling and redness on the eyelid edge, you should immediately seek the help of the ophthalmologist to secure a timely treatment to prevent further spread of the infection.
False eyelashes are a fashion trend and should not refrained from, but it is important that the process of instalation is done by a specialist in hygienic conditions and with maximum attention to avoid injury to the skin of the eyelids or conjunctiva (penetration of the glue to the eye etc.)
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