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voice blind

The vOICe: How The Blind Can See with Ears

According to a new research by a team of psychologists and computing experts at the British University of Bath, the sound can be more useful for the blind to create images in the brain than various invasive surgical procedures…

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Sunglasses Can Permanently Damage Your Eyes

You think that sunglasses with dark lenses protect your eyes more than those with light lenses? What is more important from the shades of the glass is the invisible UV filter that the glass should have. If it does not have it, or it is of poor quality, dark glasses can do even more damage…

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rejban gold

Who Can Afford These Sunglasses?

For those who like to follow fashion trends, but for one’s taste (not fashion, but financial) maybe a bit too expensive, Ray Ban has launched Aviator sunglasses made of 18-karat gold…

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