Celebrities Supported Guide Dogs Training Action

With the performance of his hit “Srećom imam tebe,” Jacques Houdek opened an eponymous humanitarian action of the Croatian Association for Guide Dogs Training and Mobility…

This humanitarian program was joined by many celebrities, including Bojana Gregorić, Renata Sopek, Mario Valentić and Mirna Maras with their son Niko, Ana Vilenica and Sonja Šarunić. They got the chance to experience, blindfolded, how important guide dogs are for blind people.

“The campaign was launched with the goal of approaching the importance of guide dogs for the blind and the role of rehabilitation dogs for the quality of life for people in wheelchairs, but also with the desire for solidarity with jointly efforts to create the conditions for the development of new programs of helper dogs for deaf people, people living with epilepsy, diabetes and other rare diseases, “said the president of the association Mira Katalenić.

Funds raised in this humanitarian action are earmarked for  education of trainers of guide dogs, starting new trainings of guide dogs and the establishment of customer support. The humanitarian week of the sssociation has prepared an interesting and educational program for children and adults. “The help from our fellow citizens is extremely valuable for the development of new programs of the association, particularly valuable for the achievement of independence, fundamental human rights and equal opportunities for persons with disabilities,” said the president of the association.

Taken from: www.index.hr