Cheap Eyeglasses Can Cause Cataracts and Tumor

Why spent hundreds of dollars for eyeglasses in an optical store when you can find them for a far cheaper price at the local shop? The British Association for Consumer Protection warns: “In the short term you save money, but in the end due to cheap glasses you could lose your sight”…

You can get them for 10 Kuna, but users often later complain of eye fatigue, headaches and even blurred vision.

Research shows that up to fifty years of age most adults have trouble reading without glasses. The appearance of cheap eyeglasses in stores that normally sell food and cosmetics, for some ten years has been satisfying those who think they have found a better solution than opticians.

Instead of an expensive pair that can easily break or lose, people now often buy a few cheaper ones.

British consumer group “Which?” examined 14 of these cheap versions of eyeglasses that are sold in supermarkets and found problems with at least half.  Those with high dioptres – 3.5 to 4 are most worrying.
“For people with high dioptre these cheap glasses are not suitable, either for walking or for some other activity. They might even cause a terrible accident,” they warned.

The biggest problem is that, with the help of these eyeglasses, the sight of one eye would be clear, but another eye may have blurry vision field. This can cause problems with eyes and a habit to keep your head in downward position.

Glasses on the eyes can be very different even if they are in the same plane. Build quality is generally very poor so that sudden dropping of the glass is not unusual occurrence. So to all those who have more than 2 dioptres should wear eyeglasses for at least 2 minutes to ensure that glasses are in the plane.

Opticians warn that the vision examination is necessary prior to purchase of eyeglasses. Poor glasses supposedly could cause the occurrence of cataracts or even a brain tumor.

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