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Concept-s: Linear Systems

concept-s shop design systems are ideal for a wide range of merchandise display for various fields of application…

…optics, watches, jewelry, hearing aid, cosmetics, shoes, leather goods, accessories, mobile phones, fashion, sports and much more. Whether you need horizontal, vertical, selective or moving merchandise displays, our ONLINE SHOP offers just the right system for your upcoming project.

We are happy to present you our LINEAR Systems, based on LINEAR, LINEAR LED and LINEAR STRIPE. We are happy to send you our catalogs in print form, just send us an email. 
Our prices and conditions are also available on request!


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The basis of the LINEAR system is a simple speed frame, which is embedded horizontally into a wooden or acrylic glass panel. Along the profile, different kinds of fitting elements can be positioned flexibly on the display area. As you are used to other shop design systems by concept-s, your wall display can be redecorated quickly and effortlessly so that your merchandise display can be designed again and again.

✔Easy fixation

✔Diverse product carriers are inserted with a plastic adapter into the system rail

✔Many variations of presenting merchandise


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The LINEAR LED shelves have elegant design and low installation height with visible light at the front edge. They also have a built-in LED light at the bottom which also illuminates underlying objects perfectly. But lighting is not the only function the filigreed shelves offer: shelves have invisible magnets embedded, which allow the flexible and orderly positioning of matching spectacle displays and thus provide a clear presentation.

✔Bottom with integrated LED illumination

✔Magnetic product carriers available as accessories

✔LED shelves only 8mm thick


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Our LINEAR STRIPE shelves for LINEAR profile appeal through an elegant design. They have a built-in LED light at the bottom which illuminates underlying objects perfectly. Thanks to the satinated surface the merchandise is uniformly illuminated, which underlines the sculptural character of the presentation and displays the goods perfectly.

✔Uniform illumination by LED!

✔Shelves optionally available in 3 different heights

✔Easy inserting of the LINEAR STRIPE shelves into the rail


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