Concept-s: Lockable Spectacle Presentation: Tubix Eco

Secure spectacle presentation with lockable display systems by concept-s! With our single rods TUBIX ECO you will utilise your wall area in an optimal way and increase the number of displayed spectacles. The rods are available in different capacities for up to 18 spectacles per single rod. Of course we also provide suitable accessories such as signboards, mirrors and reduction clips to secure smaller frames in particular.

We are pleased to offer you  TUBIX ECO and the matching accessories at special prices (conditions are valid for incoming orders until 30.08.2017).



Particular large locking bars, especially for big and oversized eyewear


Shapely and well-priced – this how TUBIX ECO presents itself. Due to the timeless design of the fine speed frame the spectacles are presented effectively. Also the metal locking bars fit themselves subtle into the overall picture, however guarantee a reliable retail security.

Open variant

TE 12 H
Item no:
instead of 45,00 € now 29,25 €



TE 18 H
Item no:
instead of 65,00 € now 42,25 €

Mechanically lockable variant

TE 12 HX
Item no:
instead of 99,00 € now 64,35 €

TE 18 HX
Item no:
instead of 109,00 € now 70,85 €

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Wall mounting kit / pair


for mounting onto plasterboard/brickwork/wood

Item no:
instead of 19,90 € now 13,93 €

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Wall mounting kit / pair


for mounting onto acrylic glass

Item no:

instead of 19,90 € now 13,93 €

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Signboard (snap in) for exchangeable logos


Made of acrylic glass, inclination adjustable

150 x 70 x 107 mm

Item no:

instead of 20,80 € now 14,56 €

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Mirror (snap in)


Inclination adjustable

130 x 70 x 107 mm

Item no:

instead of 19,90 € now 13,93 €

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Adapter / pair


For screwing onto wall mounting kit. Complete single rod is rotatable through adapter.

Item no:

instead of 13,90 € now 9,73 €

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Reduction clip


Transparent plastic insert, specifically for smaller frames
Item no:

instead of 0,25 € now 0,17 €

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