[concept-s] SPECIAL: WORKSHOP – customized & practical solutions

We offer our clients a wide range of services and designs which can be customized to individual requirements. The workshop must be functional and accommodate different kinds of machinery and appliances.

Indeed, it is quite important especially for open concepts that it also looks “pretty” and fits to the shop interior.We provide the opportunity to arrange yourself a workshop according to your demands. Select from our range of modules and with pleasure we will prepare a customized solution including offer.

We would be happy to advise you personally and look forward to receiving your message at ksenija@concept-s.hr or your call at +385-1 / 2409-209!

Wall cabinets 

Use the space above for storage fitting to your needs.

The wall cabinets are not only easy to access but ensure also a perfect illumination of your work area when lights are built-in.   

Flexible organizing

With the well-established LINEAR system you have always everything close at hand.

Clever accessories like different shelves or goods carriers offer a lot of flexibility and help you in organizing your workflow.    


The worktop is made to measure according to your needs.

A high closing strip and corresponding lateral covers create a clean design and hide messy cables. All cable outlets or other electrical connections on the worktop will be planned matching your requirements.   

Base cabinets

Our base cabinets are available with shelves, low or high drawers as well as doors.

This means plenty of storage space to stow perfectly all necessary things such as material, tools and components.   


Traversing worktops between base cabinets create comfortable workplace for seating.

Position and combination of different cabinets are customized according to your requirements. 

Special furniture

With pleasure, we are also producing special furniture with integrated installation devices.

A free-standing service station with built-in heater and ultrasonic bath, for example, is perfect for small repairs and adjustments in front of the customer. 


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