Contact Lenses FAQ

We give you answers to eight commonly asked questions in relation to types of contact lenses, method of use and their maintenance…

1. What are disposable contact lenses?

Disposable contact lenses are worn a certain period of time, then thrown away and replaced with a new pair.

It is important to understand the difference:
• daily lenses: they need to be replaced with a new pair every day
• monthly lenses: they need to be replaced by a new pair once a month

2. What do replacement and wear schedule mean ?

There are often misunderstandings about what do these two terms, replacement schedule and wear schedule, mean:

• Replacement schedule refers to how often you discard an old pair and take a new pair of lenses, are they daily or monthly
• Wear schedule refers to how long you are wearing contact lenses before you remove them from the eyes

Replacement contact lenses can be prescribed for daily or extended wear, depending on the physiology of your eyes, your needs and, of course, the type of lens. Follow the recommendations of your eye specialist and manufacturer’s recommendations.

3. Why do we remove the lens from the eye?

The more often you change lenses, the healthier your eyes will be.
Proteins, calcium, lipids and other natural ingredients of tears accumulate on lenses. These layers make lenses less comfortable than when they were brand new, while your eyes may be more prone to infections.
Of course, lenses can be cleaned but the cleaning is not 100% effective.

4. How important are the manufacturer’s recommendations?

The more often you change lenses, the healthier your eyes will be.
Manufacturers recommend a contact lens replacement schedule based on how long they can be worn before proteins, calcium, or lipids build up in layers. Despite cleaning the lenses, if they are not daily lenses changed every day, on all contact lenses will appear deposits that cannot be removed. These layers make your lenses less comfortable than when they were new and your eyes are more prone to infections.
Therefore, one should follow the recommendation of the manufacturer and do not wear lenses longer than the manufacturer recommended.

5. What is the difference between disposable lenses and extended wear contact lenses?

Even before disposable lenses appeared, it was known that frequent replacement of lenses contributes to maintaining the health of the eye and the clarity of vision.
Contact lens manufacturers have developed new manufacturing methods to produce high-quality lenses in a larger series, with lower production costs. This progress has led to lower prices and allowed more frequent replacement of lenses.

6. What is the price of disposable contact lenses?

Monthly hydrogel silicone lenses (lenses of the new generation, ”lenses that breathe”), such as Air Optix Aqua, are approximately 6 KN a day, together with the cost of the solution. Even daily contact lenses are cheaper than many people think. Starting at 9 KN a day you can wear one-day lenses. Also, with daily lenses, buying solutions for cleaning is unnecessary.

7. Why choose monthly contact lenses?

Monthly contact lenses are changed once a month. The easiest way to remember when you need to replace them with a new pair – for example, every 1st day of the month, when you go shopping, or pay a monthly fee for fitness center.

8. What is the replacement schedule right for me?

It has more to do with your eyes than with contact lenses themselves. It is important how your eyes respond when you wear contact lenses. In some people, eyes secrete more proteins and lipids than others, so the lenses must be changed frequently.
With a careful examination, an ophthalmologist or optometrist will help you determine the best wear and replacement schedule.