crooptaReport of the last exhibition in Poreč…

In the hall of the hotel “Dijamant” in Poreč on the 26th of the September, at 8 am was opened an exhibition of optics CROOPTA 2008. With many exhibitors from Croatia, Slovenia, Poland and Czechland, for the first time our web site was presented.
Exhibiting place on the fair for, and optike M from Slovenia

Formal dinner on Saturday September 27th in hotel “Dijamant”

According to the experience of the participating exhibitors, this year a number of visitors was weaker than previous years. The reason is satiety with forcing a presentation for many years which lost its original purpose on the fair.So the question of cause-sequence cause is asked, i.e if the concept of organisation followed the course of optical industry business maybe exhibitors would have more material for presentation on this already traditional exhibition of optics. In this way, we stayed on an excellent party with good company that we could have organised in Zagreb and save us the trip and money. 
The fair was officially closed on Sunday September after giving Certificates of quality to opticians who were participating presentations during this year organised by HDOO.

After the closing, everyone was left with sour taste in their mouths. Was it because of good party after Saturday night or perhaps because they know that this party should be a celebration of quality closed promotion and it was far from that. That question is left hanging in the air until next year. RP