Do You Know Which Beverage Protects Your Eyes?

Women who have the highest level of vitamin D are less likely to be affected by senile macular degeneration…


Drinking milk can help to keep your eyes from diseases later in life, say U.S. researchers who studied the living habits of 1313 women.


The examined women with the highest level of vitamin D were almost two thirds less likely to be affected by macular degeneration, i.e. degeneration of yellow spot (macula) caused by aging. In developed countries senile macular degeneration is the most common cause of legal blindness. However, a person is still not completely blind, because they have preserved peripheral vision. In the central visual field they can see a dark stain that does not disappear by moving the eye.

The consequence of macular degeneration is therefore a disorder of central vision, which helps us to see well to read, drive or watch television without disruptions or distortions in the middle of the leading field.


Laser surgery and medications can alleviate the damage, but actually there is no real cure. Therefore, many people older than 50 lose their precious vision.

The women who consumed the vitamin D in the largest quantities, by eating food and supplements, had 59 percent less chance of being affected by this disease, the Archives of Ophthalmology state.


It is interesting that the time spent in the sun did not affect the results, although the sun is one of the most important ways to create vitamin D in the body, said the researchers led by Amy Millen, from the University of Buffalo in New York.

The largest sources of vitamin D are milk, fish and foods rich in vitamin D, such as cereals.

The previous research suggests that high levels of omega-3 fish oils also protect the eyes.


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