Coloboma is a term used to evaluate some part of the eye as incomplete, missing one part, usually as a result of incomplete formation during embryonic development. So we have the eyelid coloboma, iris coloboma, intraocular lenses coloboma, the choroid (horioidee) coloboma and optic nerve coloboma.

Eyelid coloboma is a triangular lack of eyelid tissue, usually located in the inner half of the upper eyelid, occurred as a result of incomplete closure of the fetal maxillary shoot.



In the case of eyelid coloboma, surgical correction is needed, which can be delayed for several years or made immediately. In the event of changes in the cornea due to its incomplete closure of the eyelids, it is necessary to do surgery immediately.

iris coloboma, the pupil takes the form of a keyhole. Then we are talking about “cat’s eye”.

Coloboma of deeper parts of the eye is usually located in the lower part of the eye and if it relates to macula or optic nerve, which can significantly impair vision.
Coloboma is often associated with other disorders, in the so-called
CHARGE syndrome where not only eye but heart, genital hypoplasia and mental retardation are affected. In this case, it is a genetic disorder.


Surgery reconstruction of the missing part of the eye