Eyeglasses for Better Sleep

Eyeglasses for Better SleepThe eyeglasses reset our internal clock and allow us to fall asleep when we want and to sleep as much as we need…

Irregular sleep due to shift work, lack of sunlight during the winter or changing of time zones will become the past, the researchers in Australia claim.
Their invention, glasses Re-timer should solve such problems by simply wearing them in a period of 50 minutes immediately after waking up or before going to bed. If you want to go to sleep earlier, you need to wear them after you wake up, and if you want to go to sleep later wear them before bedtime.
Glasses emit green light into the eyes, which gives all the benefits as sunlight, but no harmful radiation, scientists say.
In this way, the photoreceptors in the eye are stimulated, which send signals to the brain to reset the internal clock.
The influence of green light has been studied for 25 years, making four independent clinical trials that confirmed their theory.
Glasses are put into regular production and can be purchased at the price of 1620 kuna.

Taken from: www.metro-portal.hr