Glasses for Better Sleep!

Scientists say that the green light can affect sleep time. To fall asleep earlier, it is enough to wear these glasses for 50 minutes immediately after waking up…

Do you suffer from fatigue due to the time differenc or have trouble sleeping, the Re-timer glasses seem to be a solution.
The device emits a green light to the eyes, bringing benefits of the sunlight, but without harmful radiation. Australian scientists say that they can regulate internal body clock with the help of that light, e.i. they can influence the time of sleep, metabolism and the like.


– These processes are affected by fatigue created by changing time zones, so-called. jet lag, shift work or lack of sun in the winter. By wearing glasses, photoreceptors in the eyes send a signal to the brain and the internal clock is reset so the problems disappear, explained the inventor prof. Leon Lack. To fall a asleep earlier, it is enough to wear glasses for 50 minutes immediately after waking up . If someone wants to go to sleep later, they need to wear them for 50 minutes before going to bed. Scientists studied the effect of green light to the brain for 25 years and spent four independent clinical research to confirm their findings. The price of the product is 219 euros.
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