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Glasses Saved Her Life!

naocale joj spasile zivotTeenage girl in Seattle survived by sheer luck when a stray bullet bounced off her glasses while she was sleeping on the couch…

Sixteen-year old was sleeping on the couch in her living room on a Saturday night, when at 21:40 p.m. a dark car drove by her house and fired shots, said the police spokesman Mark Jamieson in Seattle.
Several bullets pierced the wall, and one went through a window, said Jamieson. One bullet struck the bridge on her glasses. She suffered minor injuries and is recovering in the hospital, Jamieson added.

“She had great luck,” said Jamieson. A few people were in the house, but no one was hurt.
Police believe it was a gang battle, and the girl was not the target. It is not known how many people were involved in the shooting, and no one has been arrested, said Jamieson.

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