Glasses That Reveal People’s Mood!

The ability to read human moods is usually seen as a matter of pure intuition; some people simply have a talent that helps them recognize how others feel and think. However, the company 2AI Labs and their glasses O2Amps offer this ‘talent’ to all other mortals…

By using these glasses one can see the change in oxygen level in the blood of another person, and in this way come to knowledge of the person’s mood. Technology used in these glasses is based on bio-evolutionary fact that color vision in primates, according to some studies, developed in such a way that reveals the change in oxygen levels in the blood and allows animals to distinguish moods of other animals, website reports.

It’s been a long time since people ceased to consciously perceive these subtle changes, which are still seen by primates, but with appropriate technology this ability can be strengthened again.

Mark Changizi, head of human knowledge of 2AI Labs, emphasizes that the potential for the use of their glasses is large- from everyday use by broad masses to the use in medical purposes, security companies, casinos and in playing games of chance.

O2Amps glasses are already being tested in two hospitals; looking through their lenses makes the patient’s veins light. Glasses can aid physicians in detecting subcutaneous hemorrhage.

Security at airports, on the other hand, would have much use of these glasses to notice the nervousness of suspects. For poker players and other players of games of chance, this invention is not really good news.

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