How to Choose the Right Color of Sunglasses?

The color of sunglasses needs to suit your skin tone…

The sun is getting stronger, so it’s time to select new sunglasses for this season! When choosing sunglasses you will certainly think about the frame that fits your face and new trends.

But have you thought about the color?

Color of sunglasses is not elected by the most common color of the clothes you wear or the color you love. The color of the glass and frame needs to suit your skin tone.

How do you define it?


  • Check whether your skin belongs to warm or cool tones
  • In the light of day check your inner part of the upper arm – if the color of your skin in this part is pink with bluish veins, your skin tone is cool
  • The cool skin tone goes with sunglasses in blue, pink, green, silver, black or dark purple colors
  • If your skin on the inside of the upper arm is golden or peachy with greenish veins, you need to look for the shades of gold, bronze, brown, dark red, orange or white.


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