How To Explain Colors to A Blind Person?

tommy-07122012-625youtubeTommy Edison, who has been blind since birth, has tried to explain what it means to describe colors to blind people…

“My whole life people have been trying to explain colors to me, but it is impossible. There is a whole bunch of terms that simply don’t mean anything to me. How would you explain the sound of the ocean to someone who could never hear? Or the sound that birds make? And that is exactly what the color is to me. Cause someone who has never heard does not know what the terms mean, they have no concept. And people are trying to explain one sense with another. For example, maybe this smells like this col … Really?! Are you telling me that you will explain the color with the help of my nose? That doesn’t make any sense, “said Tommy.

After that, he said that he knows what some colors present, but this does not mean he knows how they look like and tried to explain what confuses him.

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