Individual Solutions for Your Window Shop

The window shop is like Your business card…

There is the first insight into Your products you offer as do Your shop, and we know that the first impression is most important! Flexibility and easy rearrangement are also necessary. In addition, the presentation in a window shop has to be available in store also.
That what opticians show today, are not only the goods – much more is on personal contact with the client, the presentation of services and implementation of marketing campaigns, visit posters website.

Sincerely yours

Ksenija Ban
Head of Marketing and Sales



Flexible and adaptable

S15 & S15P

This module is ideal for large and shallow windows in the window shop.
Decoration works to the outside as it doesn inside the store, and because of changable poster there are no longer obstacles to change while having different types of actions and advertising.

Price: from 300





Representative and calling

S15H, S15V, S15V LED & S15A

Introduce Your customers with Your product offers at eye level – with these hanging display cases Your presentation of glasses will be most successful!
Make a beautiful and informative presentation in the window shop of Your store through the horizontal stacking or placing one above the other, as with combination of attractive changing posters.

Thanks to optional LED lighting Your showcase is with its beauty also visible at night!
Price: from 180






Decorative and functional


Thanks to the flexibility of our well-known system of P.O.S. tables for presentation, we will be make the basis for the presentation of Your products with the possibility of permanent changes and additions.
With large selection of accompanying accessories such as shelves, cabinets, glasses holders, poster panels, etc. You can quickly, easily and as needed redesign features of presentation by different subjects or desires.
Price: from 580



Individual and sophisticated

SP1, SP2., SP3 & SP4

These sophisticated Modules provide many features for presentations of exclusive models and brands. Central panels can be exchanged without effort, so that You can perfectly adjust them to Your corporate design or marketing campaign.

Mutual option communicates also with the customers in the store so that Your customer, in combination with complete pull-out drawers, can immediately start with his choice of glasses.

Price: from 380







Varied and swivel

SR5 & SR7 & SR9

These rotating frames are ideal for a large number of glasses which can be presented in the window shopa and are mounted between the floor and ceiling.
Presentation of glasses in these modules is especially suitable in shopping malls, where the trade front is fully open during the time of business trade.

During the day, so it provides an open and inviting presentation that lures buyers. During evenings and weekends it is again a visible presentation this time locked behind glass, but that is definitely directed towards the customers through the window shop.
Price: from 540






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