Individual solutions for action sales

Property sales action offers special opportunities for the presentation of exclusive brands, presenting news in the offer and sale action…




Property sales action offers special opportunities for the presentation of exclusive brands, presenting news in the offer and sale action. Your marketing activities, such as ads in newspapers, will here be good, safely and publically presented for customers. Expose yourself to a specific group of customers using the visualization capabilities of your corporate design, seasonal topics and marketing actions.
Here you are working with specifically inserted variable and individualized displays, which in your customers awake uniform recognizable image. In this way you facilitate the customer orientation and create a pleasant and attractive atmosphere in the shop.

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Universal for each space






Our successful Shop-in-Shop-frames are the absolute top spot with a dual use. Because of their potential rotation of Plexiglas panel for the 360°, they stand out as a distributor of space or an element for showroom and you can also significantly increase the displayed glasses. You order your module, presenting spectacles open or under lock and key, in combination with mirrors or containers, of course in different dimensions, depending on the wishes and needs

+ Ideal for the space sharing or for the showcase of the shop

Regular price of 794,00 € now of 635,00 €

Flexible decorative








 These modules are offered as solutions for saving space with the possibility of flexible decorations. On the slope, make a particularly simple presentation of the additional glasses – can not be simpler! Expensive glasses, on the other hand, deserve packing with style. The value of the frame or glasses placed in Plexiglas showcases will be further underlined. Thus presented, the client can go round them and view from all sides, and despite that the glasses are protected from dust, touching and theft.

+ Solution for saving space
+ Presentation of high quality in individual showcases 

Regular price of 307,00 € now of 245,00 €

Multifunctional and practical






 Here you’ll find new versions of Shop-in-Shop family. Equipment is also possible in combination with containers and shelves to store. There is of course possible and equip both, with which the optimum use of space is guaranteed, and at the same time you get additional space for storage.

+ Presentation of glasses + store!
+ Ability to create in a variety of sizes
+ In combination with shelves to store

Regular price of 198,00 € now of 178,00 €

Individually combine







With these modules you can choose between open or closed presentation, various types of Plexiglas, as well as fixed or rotating performances. Decide for a particular theme according to your preference and we will make only for you an individual stand!

+ Open or closed presentation
+ Fixed or rotating performance
+ Individual printing options
+ Available in different widths  

Regular price of 650,00 € now of 520,00 €

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