Italia Independent

Meet Italia Independent, sunglasses with a velvet effect that swept the fashion world like a hurricane…

One of the most exciting and innovative brands that appeared in the last few years, Italia Independent with their velvet effect sunglasses has swept the fashion world like a hurricane. The brand was launched at the beginning of 2007, by a young heir of the Fiat Empire Lapo Elkann in collaboration with Giovanni Accongiagioco and Andrea Tessitore. The introduction of the brand was held in the prestigious Florentine boutique Luisa Via Roma, during the Pitti Imagine trade show. The first model of sunglasses that they have presented was made entirely of carbon fiber, inspired by the hi-tech yacht, the property of Elkann’s family Agnelli. That model has soon become the object of worship for passionate collectors, and all their future projects continued to build the cult position of this young brand.

The philosophy of Italia Independent (I-I) is based on the combination of distinctive traditional quality “made in Italy” with modern technology and design approach. In addition to the collection of sunglasses and prescription frames, which made them so popular today, they are developing a whole lifestyle brand philosophy by collaborating with different companies, specialized for particular products. For example, they have previously worked with the famous Italian hats manufacturer Borsalino, watchmaker Toywatch (Limited Edition of sunglasses and watches with velvet effect), Orciano company specialized in fashion accessories made of leather, luxury Vertu phones, the company Smeg, for which they had redesigned their iconic retro refrigerator in the jeans variant, and many others, often for charity.

However, the glasses are what defines the very essence of the brand and what makes the name of Italia Independent now known around the world. Their collections of sunglasses and eyeglasses models are all made with the most advanced modern technologies, including their number one hit; their velvet creations are not actually covered in velvet but in a special kind of material that is transformed into a soft, velvety effect, with the use of a laser. Their “reflecting” models, unique because they do not just reflect the glass but also the whole frame, are created with special technology of spraying metallic molecules. Another breathtaking brilliant innovation is a thermo sensitive model which changes the color of its dark frame into graphic patterns when exposed to temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius!

In addition to the countless appearances in fashion editorials and street-style blogs, Italia Independent sunglasses have also been embraced by world celebrities like Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, and Karl Lagerfield who literally wears them all the time .The number of models he’s been wearing so far can be compared to his legendary huge collection of iPods.

Taken from: Elle Magazine, Author: Saša Joka