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Sunglasses Gloryfy Unbreakable are a brand of the Katateh company which attracted much attention at this year’s exhibition of optics in Poreč…

GLORYFY Unbreakable is a unique product developed and patented in Austria, and it is a novelty in the world. The material from which the sunglasses are made is unbreakable, which is a great advantage and innovation on the market. Guarantee that the customer receives when purchasing these glasses is LIFETIME, and is given by the manufacturer, not the seller, which means that the claim for broken glasses will be accepted in any country, regardless of where they were purchased.

In many sports, the human eye is exposed to extreme situations. The eye has to act and react in a split of a second. Who wants to protect their eyes from external influences such as drafts, dirt, airborne particles and other, should pay a particular attention when selecting real sports glasses. If sunglasses burst (frame or glass) they can cause irreversible damage to the eye. With GLORYFY Unbreakable glasses any risk is excluded. Thanks to the use of an elastic material gloryfy g-flex ® NXT, even under extreme pressure they not compromise the eye with debris or other broken parts!
Sunglasses can seamlessly be stored in a backpack or bag.  They cannot break. At large pressure handles fly out and can easily be put back.


  • Memory Effect – glasses are always coming back to the starting position!
  • Unbreakable frame, handles & glass
  • 100% optical quality (class 1A glass)
  • 100% UVA / UVB protection up to 400 nm
  • Perfect comfort
  • High elasticity, even in extreme temperature conditions
  • Lighter than conventional plastic

Goggle facts

  • Double glass
  • Extra-wide field of view – Panoramic view
  • 3-layer inner foam material for super soft and well fitting

The company Katateh for all their products, so for this one also, has an identical motto – quality at a high level!

The particularity presented on CROOPTA was sunglasses with unbreakable diopter lenses.

On the website www.katateh.hr you can find catalogs and their other products:
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  • nautical equipment, a world-class ropes FSE Robline used successfully in the current action of saving miners in Chile, www.fse-robline.com Aktuelles – NEWS;
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When asked about the impression of this year’s fair, they gave us a modest answer: “We’re small and going forward with small steps, for us each step is good!”

Katateh team