Laser from some, contacts for most of the people

contact_lensContact lenses still have an important role …

Regardless of the increasing popularity of laser eye surgery, contact lenses continue to play an important role in the correction of vision disorders. After all, laser can not cure everything.

The main advantage of contact lenses is that they are almost universally effective, say British experts.

Head of the British Trust for care of the eyes “Eycare Trust, Iain Anderson, said that the contact lenses continue to play an important role in correcting disorders of vision of people, regardless of the increasing popularity of laser eye surgery.

He argues that unlike the laser eye surgery, contact lenses can be used to treat almost all people. ”
“Laser eye surgery is limited due to the disruptions that it can treat,” commented Mr. Anderson.

“Laser therapy is not suitable for everyone, this is a surgical procedure that carries the same risks as any other surgical procedure, the risk of infection for example.

Long-term effects of laser therapy of the eye also are not yet known, “he added. The figures published by the association of contact lens manufacturers showed that only four out of ten people have “perfect vision”, in which light rays converge at the point which is located exactly on the retina.

To remedy the situation in which the point of convergence is not exactly on the retina but in front of or behind the retina, which depends on whether the man is shortsighted or longsighted, corrective lenses are used. Corrective lenses can be worn as glasses or contact lenses. Contact lens is a thin optical disc that has approximately the same diameter as the small button, and which is held in the eye by tears.

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