lasik or cont lenses

LASIK May Be Safer Than Contact Lenses

lasik or cont lensesSeven years ago, the widespread belief that wearing contact lenses is safer than laser vision correction has started to be challenged…

Leading ophthalmologists argue that the user of contact lenses has more chances to develop complications that lead to vision loss over time than people who remove their diopter with LASIK surgery. The research was conducted and it was concluded that with the everyday wear of contact lenses for a period of over 30 years, eye infections appear in 1% of cases, and in 0.05% of cases loss of vision occurrs.
The researchers calculated that a significant loss of vision due to LASIK surgery occurs in 0.01% of cases. Then, the results of their research were made public with the explanation that one should not just assume that the contact lenses are safer.
This was true at one time, but for the average man is certainly no longer the case. It has been shown that LASIK may be safer than contact lenses.
So, if you wear contact lenses, the advice is to think carefully what is best for your vision in the future. Today, millions of people worldwide undergo laser eye surgery.

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