Looking in the Eyes – Best Way for Remembering Faces

Most people were in a situation that they simply couldn’t remember the face of the person they’ve recently introduced  or encountered. The key to remembering people’s faces is looking in their eyes …

Scientists believe that the brain receives information as, that are necessary to remember faces of people, only by observation of  the eyes. The survey showed that people, when analyzing a person from their environment, focus on only one part of the face. Only after some time we study other parts of the face.
Scientists have used computer, which is specifically designed to study the face of people just like the human eye. They found that the eyes have the clearest information on the design of the entire face of a particular person. After the eyes, clear information can be obtained by studying the nose and mouth.
So, if you’re a person who has trouble remembering people, begin to observe their eyes.

Taken from: www.centar-zdravlja.net