Can’t afford glasses

More than one milliard people suffer from presbyopia, and half of them doesn’t have glasses to correct their eyesight, scientists informed. Guess where those that don’t have glasses live?

Presbyopia appears because of the loss of flexibility of eye lenses which became more hard or because of the weakness of the muscles responsible for focusing. Presbyopia is a normal condition of the eye, associated with life age when power of accomodation is decreasing. This eye with distances acts as emetropic eye, and with objects on vicinity, because of the physiological decrease of the accomodation power, picture in not created on the retina but behind her.  Presbyopia is corrected with plus lenses. While aging we notice that “our hands are becoming shorter” and that we have to further  the text we are reading in order to see it clear.  In the year 2005, 517 million people with presbyopia didn’t have glasses or was using unadequate pair of glasses. From 410 million people who have every day problems because of presbyopia, 94 % of them lives in the developing countries, scientists from the University of New South Wales in Sydney warn. From presbyopia, condition in which we can’t see in the vicinity, suffer usually people older than 40 years. From cataract and glaucoma suffer usually diabetics.

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