Wear your lenses properly and protect your vision

The replacement of the contact lenses gives more than perfect sense of new lenses on your eyes. It is also necessary for your eye health. It may seem illogical to throw away lenses while your vision and comfort in wearing are satifactiory. But vision problems often don’t show early symptoms and vision can significantly get worse without even noticing, in case it happens gradually.

In order to avoid complications, lenses should be thrown away before their characteristics change. If you adhere the replacement schedule, that it was prescripted by your doctor, you will stop any further problems. More often changing lenses with a new pair is healthier for your eyes. But sometimes it is hard to remember when it is the right time to change your lenses. Write down a date of lens replacement on your calendar. If you are using electronic calendar, programme it in a way that it reminds you to change your lenses. It is also a good way to keep a visual reminder in your surrounding, that will remind you every day to put on and take off lenses. For example, keep a note near your toothbrush on a mirror in the bathroom so you could remember when it is the right time for new pair of lenses. And remember: If you’re not sure, always take a new fresh pair of lenses. Contact lenses are medical aids and you should treat them as one. As all medical aids, not following the instructions increases the danger for health.

• Contact lenses for daily wearing can never be weared during night without the consent of the ophthalmologist. If you do that anyway, you will lower the oxygen in your eyes and the possibilty to be immune to the infection.

• Always change your lenses as you ophthalmologist ordered you. In case you wear them too long without replacement, that can cause beads what will lead to the eye irritation or decreased vision. Remember, the more often you change your lenses the more healthier your eyes stay.