Lens solutions

Did you know that all solutions for contact lenses cannot be used for all contact lenses? Solutions for contact lenses are different, as the contact lenses are different. Multi-purpose solutions are suitable way of taking care of the lenses because this solutions can be used for cleaning, desinfection and washing lenses. Althought multi-purpose solutions can be used for most of the contact lenses, there are still some exceptions that depend on different ingrediants in the solution and their compability with the contact lens material. Be sure to always talk to the ophthalmolgist and use only the solutions recommended by your doctor. Also, adhere to the instructions wrtitten on the product label.
Here are some advices:

• Don’t touch the top of the open bottle of the solution, because in that way you could infect it .

• Close the bottle right after using it.

• Always ask for the doctors’s advice before you decide to use other solutions.

• Check the expiration date. Never use the solutions after their expiration date passed.