People Don’t Necessarily See the Same Colors

Roses are red, violets are blue…

Despite the fact that there is universal agreement that the color red is the color of strawberries, blood and Mars, it is possible that some people see red as the color other people see as, for example, blue.

This discovery was found after a research on monkeys which showed that the perception of colors is formed by external factors, but also that it does not follow a predetermined pattern.

In a paper published in the journal “Nature”, scientist Jay Neitz from the University of Washington conveyed the information about research in which the monkeys were injected with the virus that enabled them to see the color red. They realized what was happening to them, despite the fact that their brains are not genetically programmed to react to red signals. Just four months later, the monkeys were able to see the color in full range. And given that they were injected with human genes, these conclusions are applicable to humans and this finding could help those that suffer from color blindness, but also to recover sight to the blind, especially those who have lost it due to old age, reports the Daily Mail.

Scientists believe that when we are born neurons are not “configured” to react to color in a certain way. Neitz said: “Recent experiments have led us to the conclusion that not all of us see the same color.”

Nevertheless, other studies have shown that people have the same reaction to the particular accustomed color. For example, “blue” calms us, while the “yellow”, “orange” and “red” have unsettling effect on us.

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