Rumours dissolved

safilo20groupSafilo ensures approved disitribution of Gucci up to 2018.



Italian manufacturer of glasses Safilo and Gucci announced the prolong of licenced agreements for manufacturing and disitributing top-quality designer brands like Gucci, Bottege Venet and Alexander McQueen eyeglasses and sunglasses collections.

The update of the contract scatteres the rumours that Safilo could lose the rest of Gucci’s licence after the Luxottica Group got the liscence for Stella McCartney collection of sunglasses.

Relationships between those two groupations began when Safilo presented Gucci’s first glass collection in 1989 and signing expands the brand contract for Gucci up to 2018, Bottega Veneta till 2010 and Alexander McQueen till 2013.

Vice-president and chief-executive for safilo group, Massimiliano Tabacchi comments after the agreement on October 11th : ˝We are proud that one of the longest existing and most successful partnerships in the luxury sector between the Gucci Group and Safilo is prolonged.”

News about the agreement have raised the stocks of Safilo so high that they were had to be stopped beacuse of the excesive profit.

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