Researchers Develop Pill Bottle for Blind

A group of researchers developed a technique to help the blind people to identify the pill bottles…

The research was conducted by a group of researchers headed by Ashley Ma and Alex Broerman from the University of Cincinnati. The product will be exhibited at the DAAPworks, a University of Cincinnati display of senior projects.

The aim of the study was to develop a technique that will help the semi blind and blind people to take their medicine properly. Many a time, they fail to differentiate between various pill bottles and also tend to drop the drugs and the cap of the bottles very often. Many scientists have come up with various solutions for this problem already. One most common among them is the Wi-Fi connected bottle caps of the medicines. However, this technology is out of bounds for the normal people as it costs a lot.

The researchers developed a new pill bottle that is very cheap. The bottle has hinges. This helps the people not to lose the bottle very easily. The bottle has also system that doesn’t need you to twist and turn the cap to get the medicines.

Another important feature of the bottle is its shape. It is a rectangular box which is three inches tall and two inches wide.  The shape of the bottle makes it easy for the patients to take the drugs very easily. The bottle comes with different types of lids. This will help the patients to identify the pills.

The researchers titled the new bottle “Inclusive Pill Bottles for the Blind”.

It has been estimated that more than 1.5 million people above the age of 50 years suffer from vision loss in the United States.

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