Road Pilot

road-pilotFirst lens specially adapted and intended for visual needs while driving from Essilor. The best ergonomic lend intended for presbyopic drivers. New design has advanteges such as wide and sharp distance field, i.e with natural eye looks you are able to read infomation on the control table of the car.

By observing the direction of the look and head and eye movements of the driver is was shown that all movements move inside the field of middle distance (control table) and distance, during driving. Also, the utter periferic vision is important for perception while driving.

Thank to design, distance field provides sharp and quality picture and sharp periferic vision (without the dead angle), while field for middle distance ensures wide vision field without picture distortion and swimming effect.


Varilux Road Pilot


All types for distance/bifocal


All types for nearness

Varilux Road Pilot is intendend for proffesional drivers (taxsists, deliverers, commercial travellers…), for persons that are constantly on the move and don’t have often need for reading part.