Spahija sees again!

Our famous croatian basketball coach, Neven Spahija, decided to correct his dioptre with a laser and gave his trust to the center for lasik, Visumed Zagreb, a memeber of Optical Express group.

Basketball coach, Neven Spahija, corrected his vision with lasik surgery in VisuMed!

Althought he is no longer an active player of basketball, Neven Spahija, former selector for the Croatian basketball team since recenty is able to shoot baskets with safe hand and clear vision, at least in recreation. And all that beacuse of VisuMed center who took the dioptre from this 46-year old ex-basketball player. As Spahija was filling opponent baskets in his days of fame, so was in Visumed, the clinic for lasik in Zagreb’s Center Kaptol, provided a clear vision for this athlete by taking away two of his worries at once.  

Namely, with -2,25 and -1,50 dioptre, Neven Spahija was removed astigmatism with LASIK method, so now he can play relaxed without any optical aids: eyeglasses or lenses. And since after his basketball career Neven Spahija was acquiring his coaching experience in clubs such as Cibona, Krka Novo Mesto, Avtodor Saratov, Euro Roseto, BC Lietuvos Rytas and Maccabi Tel Aviv and in the last two years won the championships with Rytas from iz Lithuania, Maccabi from Israel and Tau Ceramico, now he will be able to carefully watch and clearly see what his players are doing on the basketball field. And he will notice mistakes on time and correct them in order to make even better successes with his team….And win more championships….
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