Subconjunctival treatment


Subconjunctivally are given antibiotics, mydriatics atropine (mydriatic cocktail = atropine + adrenaline + ksilocain), antibiotics and steroids at iridocyclitis and corneal ulcers. Autohema is a subconjunctival

injection of blood taken from a patient’s vein. Instead of the patient’s blood, the patient’s serum is increasingly being used. It is used for topic ulcers and greater damage of the cornea because it accelerates healing and strengthens the local defense.


Retro-bulbar and para-bulbar treatment


This is the way to give a local anesthetic before surgery of the anterior segment, and dexamethasone in retro-bulbar neuritis.


Intravitreal treatment


It is given as an independent therapy or as a part of vitrectomy. Intravitreally are applied inhibitors of endothelial growth factor (VEGF) in choroid neovascularization and some cases of severe proliferative diabetic retinopathy. This way are also given steroids in severe uveitis and macular edema, and antibiotics for endophthalmitis. Special forms of intravitreal treatment are intravitreal implants of antiviral medications for the treatment of cytomegaloviral retinitis.