Sunglasses from Nero to Jackie O’

Find out who wore the eternal raybans, why were the sunglasses worn by judges in China, and for what reason they were worn by patients suffering from sifilis…

Audrey Hepburn, Jack Nicholson, John Lennon, Jacqueline ‘Jackie O’ Kennedy Onassis, and James Dean are just some of the famous figures that have celebrated the sunglasses they wore. Eyewear lost the name of their brand and became ‘Lennon glasses’, got names of people who celebrated them, and that’s how the cult of adoration of this symbol of sex, mystery and femininity was created.
If data are true, most expensive sunglasses in the world at the moment are designed by Dolce & Gabbana and cost $ 383,609. Right after them are still more favorable eyeglasses of Louis Vuitton for which you will extract $ 1000 …
Prototype of glasses, believe it or not, was created at the time of emperor Nero. Nero wore bright green lenses on his eyes while watching the fight of the gladiators, but the first ‘real’ glasses came into existence somewhere between the 1268th and 1289th year.

Hiding emotions, and help for those who suffer from sifilis
At the very beginning, they were worn by Chinese judges so you wouldn’t see any emotion in their eyes during the execution of duties.
The first frames of this fashion detail were made of skin, bones, metal and ceramic. Yellow and brown lenses in the 13th century were quite attractive.
At the time of ‘epidemic’ sifilis, most of the people wore glasses with these lenses in order to avoid problem of hypersensitivity to light, which is one of the symptoms of this sexually transmitted disease.
Eyewear with protection from UV rays began to be used only in the 20th century. Mass production of them was first started by Sam Foster, whose brand ‘Foster Grants’ overtook the market in year 1929.
Famous faces began to wear glasses at the end of 30s, and during that time glasses acquired the status of fashion symbol which simply everybody must have.

Raybans and Barack Obama, Andy Warhol, Audrey Hepburn, James Dean …
First among the glorious brands was famous Ray-Ban. Eyeglasses Ray-Ban are a product of ‘Bausch & Lomb, created in 1937.
In the beginning they were worn by American soldiers (pilots),but general Douglas MacArthur gave them the jumping-off board when he wore them on arrival at the Philippine beach during the Second World War.

If you remember the beautiful Audrey Hepburn and her role in the film ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’, you probably know her glasses, which later all members of more beautiful sex wanted to have.
So permanent and much mentioned ‘raybans’ are wearing (or were worn by) ‘great figures’ like Bob Dylan, James Dean, Barack Obama, Andy Warhol, Michael Jackson, Thomas Cruise, Slash …



Persol – Trademark of Mastroiannija, Grant, Brosnan…

While the women from 50s were crazy about massive frame glasses, which were worn by the style icon and wife of president Kennedy Jackie O, on the market appeared ‘persols’. Famous Italian glasses glory was provided by two James Bonds: Daniel Craig and Pierce Brosnan.
Bill Murray wore them when he got ‘lost in translation’, while in ‘La dolce vita’ this fashion appendix appears at each scene as Marcello Mastroianni.
Persol 714 were favorite eyewear for Cary Grant and Steve McQueen, whose sample of the glasses was later sold for 70 thousand dolars.
‘Lennon glasses’ have became popular- you guess right- in the 60s. Although it is John Lenonn who celebrated them, he is not the only celebrity who had them constantly with them. Lovers of the small round frames are Mick Jagger, Jerry Garcia, Ozzy Osbourne and Liam Gallagher.

Famous and glasses
• Christina Aquilera wears Dior
• Clint Eastwood wears Ray Ban
• David Beckham wears Porsche
• Denzel Washington wears Persol
• Fergie, Gwen Stefani and Jamiroquai wear Casal
• Jay-Z wears Cartier
• Johnny Depp and John Travolta wear Ray Ban
• Madonna, Moby and Oprah wear Neostyle
• Snoop Dogg wears Dior

Retro is always’ in ‘
Dior, however, won the celebrities in the 80s with their big, in fact excessive frames, of which are most popular ones in white color. ‘Oakleys’, that are loved by athletes, are made in 1975. They were celebrated by Greg LeMond, winner of Tour de France in 1984, and they were also worn by famous poker player Phil Hellmuth.
Eighties were crazy about glasses which were published in French textiles of Bugatti, Cartier, Colani, Jaguar, Cazal, Lacoste and Porsche, whose glasses are worn today by Brad Pitt and Colin Farrell.
Today glasses are produced by almost all leading design companies such as Armani, Marc Jacobs, Fendi, Chanel, Dior, Prada and Bvlgari, but their designers are often returning to the vintage design, without which you simply can not, which proves that retro is never out of trend.

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