This Optical Illusion Will Reveal Whether You Need Glasses

einsten2Do you see Marilyn Monroe or Albert Einstein? Find out why this matters…

Do you remember the famous #The Dress (dress) which appeared on the internet three months ago divided users of social networks into warring clans?
A similar optical illusion could again stir up the spirits, but this time for a good cause, or in the service of health.

Students from the famous university MIT created it to enable everyone to easily check their eyesight, the Daily Mail reports. If you immerse yourself in the picture within a short distance, you should see Albert Einstein. This means that your vision is right, argue creative students. But if the sight of Marilyn Monroe comes up, your vision is not in the best form and the smartest solution would be to visit your ophthalmologist at once.

Test yourself and your family and judge it for yourself.

Taken from www.vecernji.hr