Touching video: A colorblind boy saw colors for the first time in his life …

The glasses were provided to Jonathan by the school principal, also a colorblind person, as they learned about the disorder in class. The touching video of the happy boy has been viewed more than eight million times.

Jonathan Jones of Cottonwood, Minnesota, was born with color blindness and has never in his life experienced a world of color. While they were in class (where they were learning about color blindness) the school principal, who has the same disorder, offered him special glasses for people like him.


The boy could not contain his feelings when he put them on his eyes. His emotional reaction and tears spread rapidly on social media.

– My younger brother is colorblind, as is the principal at his school. When they were learning about a color blindness disorder in class, his principal brought some glasses that allowed him to see the colors for the first time. He received it very emotionally, according to a video posted on Twitter by his brother Ben.

Due to the popularity of the announcement, his family launched a ‘GoFundMe’ fundraising page to give Jonathan his own glasses, which cost around 2363 kuna.

– We have raised more than $ 15,000, and the excess money will go to those people who also need glasses like this, wrote his brother Ben.

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