Universal for the poor

After years of development in India, begins an examination of universal glasses intended fo the poor children in the developing countries. They hope they will be good enough for 90 % of those with weak sight.

Experts from the Medicine College on the University of Amsterdam spend years working on U-glasses, that have frame fitting for all and glasses that are easily adapted by hand for those who suffer from moderate myopia and presybiopia. They claim that eyeglasses are suitable for 90 % of those in nees- “Actually, it is kind of an ultimate solution”, said the leading author of the project Sjoerd Hannema before leaving to India where the eyeglasses will be tested in hospitals from July to September. If they ‘pass’ the tests, eyeglasses would be manufactured in factories in developing countries so they would be rather cheap.  Scientists hope that mass production would start in one year period.  

 Taken from: www.net.hr