mirjana hrga

Visumed Removed Mirjana Hrga’s Dioptre

mirjana hrgaMirjana Hrga decided to remove her dioptre with the help of the laser in Zagreb clinic VisuMed.

Namely, the 36-year-old television star was short-sighted: she had dioptre of minus 3 and minus 2.75, which was a real problem for her. At far she did not recognize people, seeing only their silhouettes, and except that she did not like to wear glasses (which had to while driving or when watching television), the most difficult for her were contact lenses. Mirjana is due to extremely dry eye placed lenses before entering the studio, but as they troubled her, she took them off immediately after the show “10 do 8” ended. So she is not hiding the enthusiasm that her life changed when he decided to pull the diopter by laser!

“I feel reborn, because I have lived for six years by intuition. Many thought that I was self-centered because I don’t say hello on the street, and I just did not see people around me. I’m glad I see again thank to doctor Dean Šarić, who operated on me, but also beacuse I’ve released the prejudices that people have about laser vision correction. It is really untrue that laser is not exact, that in the night-time driving light disperses or that removed diopter sooner or later returns. In my case, I have been operated on Friday, over the weekend I drove without any problems, and on Monday I was back in the television studio. I don’t even have to say that I was not bothered at all by lights in the studio, says the Tv star, adding that if she would have to, though at first was nervous, she would undergo a painless procedure again.

LASIK operation, namely, takes only 10 minutes for each eye, the patient is focused on the green dot, while the nurse puts anesthetic drops in the eye, the doctor explains the whole procedure step by step, all the time. No surprise what Mirjana Hrga concluded: “Now my life is much better than it was before surgery.

Taken from: www.net.hr