The company Visus Forma d.o.o. is owned by a Polish company Vision & Fashion, whose offer includes a wide range of high-quality prescription frames and sunglasses…

The company Vision & Fashion was founded in 2001 in Boleslawiec, Poland. The company’s goal is to cover all the personal needs of their clients by providing them with a large selection of high-quality, modern and trendy, and classic frames. In their offer you can find a large selection of prescription frames, sunglasses, lenses and accessorize for glasses from collections that are exclusive theirs and products that are made under their supervision.

Brands of company Vision & Fashion:

Angelo Futuro, Hera & Luna, Gentleman, Luis Ballard, Slade, Action Boy, Viki May, Hunter, Quest-X, Rosa del Cuore and Polar Eye.


Hera & Luna
Angelo Futuro

Products of company Vision & Fashion with some collections:
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  • Men’s Collection GENTLEMAN (frames and sunglasses)
  • Women’s Collection HERA & LUNA (frames and sunglasses)
  • Unisex Collection ANGELO FUTURO (frames and sunglasses)
  • Men’s / children’s collections ACTION BOY (frames and sunglasses)
  • Men’s / Women’s collections ESPACE (frames)
  • Men’s / Women’s Collection LUIS BALLARD (frames)
  • Eccentric collection SLADE (frames and sunglasses)
  • Women’s / Children’s Collection VIKI MAY (frames)
  • POLAR EYE (sunglasses-polarized)
  • QUEST-X (sunglasses-polarized)
  • JAGY (sunglasses-polarized)
  • ED HARDY (sunglasses)
  • CHRISTIAN AUDIGIER (sunglasses)

Angelo Futuro
Hera & Luna

Special offer on CROOPTA was discounts for all orders on the fair:
– The value > 3.500,00 KN – 15% discount
– The value > 7.000,00 KN – 20% discount
– The value > 15.000,00 KN – agreement

Prices for frames and sunglasses are up to 250 KN. They admit that they are aware that their prices are significantly below the real price for those frames, looking at previous experience in sales in which they have not recorded any complaint. They are convinced in the quality of their products for which they give a two-year warranty.

Although they say that this year’s fair is even worse than last year, the company is aware that they are still new on the market and that they must attend to find clients and present their products. They believe that the fair is unsuccessful mostly due to the location on the edge of the Croatian territory, and that attendance would be much better if the fair was held in central Croatia.

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