Wearing Eyeglasses: Fact vs. Fiction

It could be something you were told about when you were younger and didn’t know better, or something that almost everyone asserts is right but you just can’t believe to be true. These are the common misconceptions about eyeglasses…

Wearers will forever be dependent on their eyeglasses: FICTION

Prescription glasses correct your vision. Day-to-day tasks are easier because everything is clear. Hence, you constantly wear your glasses not out of dependence, but because all your visual difficulties disappear.

Wearing eyeglasses will aggravate your vision problems: FICTION

Eyeglasses are an aid to improve vision. They will not add to your sight problems. Our vision naturally deteriorates with age, so don’t fret because it is not the eyeglasses’ fault. Regular eye check up will help identify the problem and the right prescription glasses can help you see clearly.

Wearing someone else’s eyeglasses will ruin your eyes: FACT

Just like most of the personal things we own, prescription specs are not meant to be shared. Wearing the wrong prescription glasses for a long period can cause headache and nausea. Get an eye check-up and determine the right prescription for you.

Ready-made reading glasses will address your vision problem: FICTION

Store-bought reading glasses are not customized for the wearer mainly because the prescription grade is the same for both left and right lenses. Most people with vision problems have different prescription grades for each eye. Headache, eye strain, and even nausea can result from wearing reading glasses that are not your actual prescription.