Weirdest and Wackiest Contact Lenses

It was a long time ago when contact lenses were used just to replace your spectacles….
Contact lenses were made to remove your spectacles and give you a fashionable look. After sometime they became a style symbol as everyone wanted to have a matching lens with their dress and now they have turned into disasters with annoyingly weird and whacky designs. Scroll down to have a look at the contacts that are just terrible. I am sure you will want none of them.


No matter how much you love Disney and its characters, we have to admit that it is pretty creepy to wear a Mickey Mouse in your eyes

Cat Eye

Can you imagine wearing something like this?

Soccer Ball

Soccer has many fans all over the world and they love cheering for their favorite game in unique ways. This one is quite unique.

Blind Eye

This one is giving a very scary plus useless look.

The Dior Eyes

This is supposed to be very royal but we really don’t find a point in making this one. Will you want to wear a contact lens that has sparkling gold circles and CD logo on them?

Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty is all around us.


Here is something for all fans of the Twilight saga.

Wild Smiley

Smiley is supposed to be on your mouth and not on your eyes.

Wild Sex

Imagine having the symbol of a female orgasm in your eyes. We have to admit that it is very courageous.


This must look very scary in the dark!

Union Jack

You love your country, we respect that! But does that mean you have to put your country’s flag in your eyes. It is a very weird idea.


Have the image of your favorite star or any other thing imprinted on your eyeballs with these mirror contact lenses.