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Who Is a Candidate for LASIK?

lasik kandidatOphthalmologists define a few basic prerequisites that you must have in order to be a candidate for performing laser eye surgery…

The basic qualifications to be a candidate for laser eye surgery are:

• The patient’s diopter should stop with the growth, and the person should be at least 18 years old.
• Diopter must be in the range of -12 D to +6 D, and astigmatism up to 6 D.
• Diopter must be stable, i.e unchanged for at least one year.
• The cornea of the patient must be healthy as assessed by complete examination of the eye.
• Very low and very high diopters are not removed by laser surgery.

So, whether you are a candidate for laser vision correction and which method is the best solution for you is determined by the eye examination. The examination includes a review of medical history and a complete examination of the eye, as well as conversation with the patient.
Examination of the eye takes about 2 hours, because of the dilation of the pupils, and patient is not capable of driving after that – it is recommended to arrive accompanied by someone or to order a taxi. The operation takes about 20 minutes, significantly less than the pre-operative examination.

If you want to liberate yourself from glasses or contact lenses, laser eye surgery is the right solution for you.

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