Who needs ears?! New Piercing Glasses

James Sooy and Oliver Gibson have come up with Pierced Glasses – the most minimalist eyewear since the Pince-nez glasses that clip onto your nose was invented in the 1840’s…
Here’s the step-by-step:

* Get pierced – an internally-threaded barbell that goes through the skin above the bridge of your nose
* Use a tabletop mill to cut the L-shaped metal pieces that screw onto the barbell
* Attach rare earth magnets to the glasses; these hold the glasses on.
* Don’t get rid of the bridge pieces; they let the lenses sit on your nose and take the actual weight of the lenses.
For those who think that Pierced Glasses are dangerous or crazy, listen to what the creators say about other surgical alternatives to glasses: “Paying … to have someone cut your eyes and shoot a laser in them (just so you don’t have to wear glasses) seems extreme to me…”

Taken from: www.livescience.com Author: Bill Christensen